New Year – Same Focus – New Determination

So I think that first off I will start by saying “Happy New Year’s” , yes yes I know I’m late, I am in charge of a household with six kids- 5, under the age of  11 mind you – to most things I will be late!  I have learned a lot from 2016 – never underestimate the unexpected and devastating, don’t sweat the small stuff, and trust in God, he will lead you to it and through it.

This year, is even more exciting to me because there are not as many unknowns.  No one ultimately knows what the heck will happen – I can not tell the future – BUT I am now in a place in my career where I have an outline of attack, I have an outline of how things should progress (so I know when things are veering off track) and I have a determination that it is all doable.  I can do this, no this does not need to take forever it can be scheduled and accomplished – I can put myself into it and transport myself to the story I am telling.  Take me to it and through it.  Everytime I sit down at the mic I aim to improve!  Never loose sight of goals and most importantly – don’t let the kids run amok (well, maybe that one will happen every now and again but I can reign them in and clean up the mess).

I am so excited about my projects that are upcoming this year!  It makes me do the shimmy (you know that shake that one does when they feel just as good on the inside about something as they are showing on the outside – my 5 year old daughter does this when she is eating something that she is really enjoying, tonight it was chicken adobo). I had to go through and streamline a lot of my contracts and my schedule because, I was just doing too much and  – man my household can be a zoo and when illness strikes whether it be my husband’s chronic ulcerative colitis or the kids passing along a stomach virus – my first job is wife/mother/aunt/household management and that job is literally 24/7.  Having said that, I am proud that I have learned from this experience and I will be able to grow from it.  You have to take the lumps in your sugar sometimes.  However, the roster of projects that I now have is to me, simply put AMAZING.  There is so much to talk about but I have a couple of standouts that I will mention from time to time, and really I am not necessarily more proud of some projects than others  but if I mention it I am literally working on it, just signed on for it or I just turned it in and it is about to be released.  Having said that I think I will simply leave you with one thought before I leave you – take the time this year to do something that you enjoy doing.  If all you leave time for are the things that must get done, you will look around wondering where all the joy went – trust me I have been there and done that.  We are not always blessed to have a job or a career or even an activity that we truly love and enjoy in our lives.  We sometimes have to do stuff in order to take care of our families and there is nothing wrong with that and it does not always have to take the joy out of out lives – do something, ANYTHING that you really enjoy be it for 5 minutes or 5 hours- just find the time to get into it.  In the end you will be able to look back on it in the harder times and it should put a smile on your face that helps get you through.





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