Better than Yesterday

So, almost every narrator that I know has told me “don’t read the reviews”, however – they read their reviews.  It is most times a temptation you just can’t walk away from.  Constructive criticism is EXACTLY what I need, however  – some people do not know how to give criticism constructively and are just down right mean.  Even when they don’t mean to be, or realize that they are in fact being mean. Or cruel. Or rude.  However, I can not let the way in which the message is given affect the way in which I receive the message.  And it is HARD to not let a mean spirited bad review get you down, or a happy spirited one for that manner.  So, after getting some harsh reality checks I have to pull up my big girl panties and just keep swimming (thanks for that Dory).  There are so many things that I have to do and so much work that I have to do that I can not let myself slow down.  I can take what I am told and work hard to improve upon it and be better than yesterday.

So, that is what I aim to do – BE BETTER THAN YESTERDAY!  That and grow thicker skin.


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