busy busy busy

wrong or writeWell, I have no excuse for having not written in awhile, other than busy, busy busy!!!  December was full of sickness, and January has been spent trying to catch up (and I honestly do not feel as though I have) and getting back into some sort of a schedule with the kiddos being back in school after a six week hiatus!

Well, let’s see – okay first things first – I have a couple of audiobooks that are up on Audible, Amazon and itunes

Wrong or Write by Sky Corgan


Romance, Billionaire Baby Daddy by Jenny Rose


Now, I have another that should be coming out soon, The Right Play by Gallery Stories Publishing, and then two more that I should hopefully finish up the editing on within the next week or two Wrong or Write 2 by Sky Corgan and Causing Heartbreak by Regina Bartley.

Causing Heartbreak I am being particularly picky with because well I just enjoyed it soo much and I am really trying to up my performance game!  Wish Me LUCK!!!

Now I have another story Let Your Heart Drive which really just tugs at my heart, but I am not going to spoil it for you, I will let you know more when it is closer to release.

I have two books which I consider something more like my twinnies and although they would definitely be fraternal in nature I am treading slowly with these because I really feel pressure to do them justice- My Commander by Alanea Alder really has a following as the initial book in a series entitled Bewitched and Bewildered – I will say this – it is hilarious at times and getting into Meryn’s skin has really been fun.  The other book is Minor Gods by A.M. Yates and it is my first YA book and I really enjoy the world she created and the rules that govern it.  Both Meryn and Josie are kick as in their own rights and although I won’t say more yet look forward to me chatting it up about these two more.

Alright, I am on my own tonight and it is bath time  – not to mention the fact that I still have to work some kinks out on my new software before I can complete some recording tonight.  Tomorrow is a new day – specifically it is the first karate tournament of the year for my boys and we are excited to see what they can accomplish!  Wish them luck I know I do. #proudkaratemom




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