Happy New Year!

2016!   Wow, that was way too fast!  I feel like it was just 2015 – well, technically it was but, you know what I mean!  This past year brought so many changes and realizations that I am almost nervous to see what happens next but you know what?  Let’s do this!

I have recently had two more Audiobooks released ( Damaged by Sky Corgan and Cocky Stepbrother by Emily Guzman) and I have really been working hard on the ones that have yet to be released

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!

.  I am learning so much that my learning curve it huge!  The months of November and December were plagued by illness and surgeries/procedures that they literally went by with a blink of an eye and although they did slow me down I am really determined to learn from this how well and fast I can pick myself up, dust off and GO!!!

The new year will undoubtedly bring new challenges but with that comes knowledge and if I am blessed JOY will follow!

I am learning that each Audiobook may have a special place in my heart but that I do have some that really mean alot to me, for a variety of reasons, that being said, I would not necessarily say that they are my favorite, but they have and will maintain a place in my heart.  Want to know what they are?  Can you keep a secret?  Ok, you don’t have to but Minor Gods, My Commander, Let Your Heart Drive and Vexed have really overtaken me!  And I mean that in a very positive way!  Although in order to do this full time and really put my all into it, they are not my only books but I am excited that I am getting to be apart of them.

SO, I will leave you know with a picture of three of my joys!

Talk to you soon!



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