Wait….is that a light at the end of this tunnel?

So, it is not even winter and we have been hit HARD in the Ott household!  I feel like throwing in the white flag! I mean croup?!!!  I have heard of it but it took five kids before I encountered it!   Just after we were all starting to feel good, I blink and its Thanksgiving, which in all honesty was a really good day – BUT I knew that something more was on the horizon – black wednesday!  I know you’re thinking, doesn’t she mean black friday?  No, no I do not.  December 2nd was the day that I will always affectionately refer to as BLACK WEDNESDAY – the day that both twins (who are three by the way) got their tonsils and adenoids out.  Now, granted the end result has been really nice, although Collin decided not to speak afterwards for a week, I mean literally he started talking again yesterday.  After the effects of the anesthesia wore off they were good.  They are breathing so much better now during sleep.  However, the time right before and then right after the surgery – ugh!   Was not pretty!

So, now that all of that is in the rear view mirror, I can once again focus on work, and let me tell you, it was scary there for a minute, but after doing some research and hiring an awesome audio tech to help me out with some editing and mastering, and then after finding an awesome site which actually responded and is helping me get the word out about my audiobooks (thanks @SNS_BAH) I was actually able to accomplish a lot and am on my way to getting caught up!

But, if experience has taught me anything, it is don’t count your eggs before they hatch, or is it don’t count your chickens before they hatch?   ANYWAYS, this morning I woke up with a scratchy throat, which for a narrator is like constantly walking around on eggshellsIMG_0016!  Or maybe a floor of broken glass!


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