10152373_10153751290589525_8054538150576706873_nI find myself in the position where I am CRAZY busy!   I am working on a lot of Audiobooks, and I am loving it – no complaints there – work is flowing.  The children, well, let’s just say they would appreciate that more attention is paid their way, however they are used to it being all about them.  Change is hard sometime, but necessary.  Then BAM, Gianna gets sick, and then I get sick and then, well I find myself yelling through the hallways “CLEAN UP ON AISLE 5!!!!” way more than usual.  So, I came to the conclusion that I was in fact in need of help.  Cue the Beatles!

My next step was to find someone.  After a couple of days it was clear that I needed to try care.com, and I have to say that over all I am impressed with the website.  More importantly, I believe that I have found the person who I believe can give me the relief that I need to not only have more time to work, but to also have more time to do the household things that have become neglected, but most importantly – to keep the kiddos engaged and occupied in a way that was beneficial (and not just sitting in front of the T.V. or ipad all day).  I am nervous, but also excited, I truly believe that I found someone I like, and Duane likes and that the kids like – so yeah for Mommy!

Now that I am no longer as sick as I was, and that I have a solution in sight for my kiddos, now I can get back into work mode.  Creative mode, which is really what I enjoy most.  Minor Gods, My Commander, Love and Happiness, just to name a few, I have some ideas in mind for you, can’t wait to get recording and get some feedback!

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