Rain, rain (DON’T) go away

Okay, so the reality is that I live in California, and we need each and every rainy day we can get, so it is more than welcome.  HOWEVER, what am I going to do with the kids now? I am on deadline and I have so many ideas running through my brain that I must get out on tape, now before they go away!  Isn’t that horrible for me to say!  No, not at all.  You try to clean up after five kids who are not allowed outside.  I am though not too worried about it, why – rain for iron-workers = DAY OFF!  Yup, Daddy’s home!  Or, at least will be in about 15 more minutes!

I am hoping this will give me the opportunity to really just work, work work.  Isn’t it great that I actually love to work?  Very blessed, yup I am not going to lie, I do appreciate it.  I also want to do the best I can, and my first finished audiobook was not my best.  SO I have to up my game and take my knocks and learn from them!  I also need to use the rain as a spurt of energy and use the usual pent-up energy that having to stay inside causes as a motivator to be creative and try new things – wish me luck!


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