On my own!

Well, once again he has done it!  My husband has recovered enough from his illness to head back to work! Ugh!!!  Wait, let me explain, I am not upset that he is better, I am very glad that he is.  However, the children and I now have to get readjust to life (and a schedule) without him.  Somethings I am really looking forward to (i.e. earlier bedtimes), while others not so much (i.e. the kids becoming dependent on the ipad and tablet to buy me time to finish something).  The first day and really the first week is always the hardest.  So, in an effort to get through I am going to have to be ‘mean mommy’ not accepting any defiance or temper tantrum when they do not want to go along with what is supposed to be happening.  I have to teach them that a schedule is the main key, but to also be flexible when things don’t go the way they want (it is five against one after all).  This time around however I do have deadlines to throw into the mix (something that I have never had before) and so work occasionally has to take the lead – this will be interesting to say the least!


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