So, this whole blogging concept is very new to me.  However, I think that it is a great way for me to document what is going on, as well as give me an outlet to vent, brag and explain (sometimes over and over again) what the heck is going on!  To get things started I am going to explain the meaning behind the name – cleanuponaisle5blog – well for those that do not know I am a mother of 5.  YUP, I said it 5.  Count them 1 (Jaden), 2 (Javon), 3 (Gianna), 4(Collin) and 5(Caleb) – or as my husband likes to explain – 1, 2 ,3 5 – where is the 4 you ask, well we went from 3 beautiful and bright children to five in one night.  Literally, our youngest two munchkins are twins.  All of the kids are under the age of 10.  So it is a busy household to say the least and there is ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS a mess to clean.  Sometimes I just want to yell “CLEAN UP ON AISLE 5!” Especially when I walk into a room, and into a hot mess.  For example, this morning I got a special wake up call, reserved just for me.  After waking up at 2 am to get some work accomplished (what type of work do I at home at 2 am you ask, we will get into that more later) I got a measly 1.5 hours of sleep when my 7 year old Javon comes in and begins to tell us how Gianna took a pint of ice cream into his room and fell asleep eating it.  Somehow making a mess in his top bunk as well as Jaden, my 9 year old’s bottom bunk.  Say it with me “CLEAN UP ON AISLE 5 PLEASE!”  Although technically I guess I should say aisle 3, considering my third child made that particular mess, but I digress.  So there you have it, in an effort to keep my house from becoming a complete and utter pig pen I am constantly cleaning up messes wishing I could just call out and have someone magically appear and do it for me!


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